SMITH & BOSTON for mother of the bride or groom

At Smith & Boston, sisters and designers Olive Hill & Ngaio Bell truly appreciate the excitement and emotion that comes with preparing for a family wedding. They know, that as mother of the bride or groom, you will be looking for something unique, special and comfortable to wear to your daughter or son’s wedding. This knowledge is what inspires Olive & Ngaio as they create and design each item for their exclusive Smith & Boston label. Since 2005, they and their dedicated staff have helped hundreds of women to rediscover the fun of shopping and dressing for a special occasion. When you visit Smith & Boston boutique you will be welcomed and invited to play ‘dress-ups’. With a range of options in sizes 6 – 22 and new stock arriving each week there is plenty of fun to be had! So make time today to visit Olive, Ngaio and the team at Smith & Boston. They will be delighted to help you. For their shopping with confidence tips please read more below.

Classically Tailored

Smith & Boston garments are classically tailored with full lining. The use of traditional princess seams means that all garments can easily be altered to fit you by your tailor or favourite dressmaker.

Exclusive Collection

Smith & Boston introduce new stock in limited edition numbers each month. The range includes garments crafted from luxury silks, cottons and laces in over 50 different colours.

Professional Staff

At Smith & Boston friendly staff will help you choose something elegant and feminine for your mother of the bride or groom look. You can have fun and leave feeling fabulous.

Be UNIQUE with Smith & Boston. It’s easy…

Whenever you purchase an outfit from Smith & Boston, your choice of garments is registered in our confidential Wedding & Event Registry*. This is to prevent the possibility of double-ups. Visit today and shop with confidence at Smith & Boston. We will help you to find your wedding outfit.

Shopping with confidence is easy if you follow our top tips:

  • Be fitted for a quality dress bra and/or figure shaping undergarments to wear when you go shopping.
  • Shop alone or take just ONE trusted friend. Too much advice or differing opinions can distract you from what you really want.
  • Choose what YOU like! It is your day too and you need to feel like yourself.
  • Always buy what fits you now. Do not be tempted to diet into an outfit. It is much easier to have the garments altered later to fit you.
  • Try anything and everything that is suggested to you. Some clothes look nothing on the rack and amazing on or vice versa. Be adventurous!
  • Avoid showing everyone your outfit before the wedding. Keep them guessing and arrive on the day in your complete ensemble looking fabulous.

Smith & Boston for sizes 6 – 22

  • garments sold separately
  • options for sizes 6 – 22
  • NEW stock each month
  • exclusive designer label
  • 100% New Zealand made
  • wedding & event registry*

* all garments sold for special occasions are registered to limit the possibility of double-ups.